by The Turnip Master

A handful of creatures survive on a forsaken space station, drifting through space. In order to keep it functioning, however, you must brave the depths of the ruined station looking for spare parts. Beware of malfunctioning robots that roam the bowels of the station as you search for a way to stay alive.

This game was created using ActionScript 3.0 and Flixel. Graphics were created in GIMP 2.6.

Comments ( 4 )

Unknown said: Pretty cool! over 7 years ago
Unknown said: Awesome. Fun and extensive! Well done over 7 years ago
Unknown said: Cool game! Are you a Stanislaw Lem fan, by chance? Just guessing b/c of the main character's name. over 7 years ago
The Turnip Master said: Actually, he got that name because as I was creating characters, his head ended up looking more and more like a lemon. over 7 years ago